Kuroko no Basuke Dj Yaoi DJ

Kuroko no Basuke Dj – Tsuyosugiru Hikari wa Itsuka Mi o by Ciao!/ Kanan [Eng]

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Dj: Tsuyosugiru Hikari wa Itsuka Mi o – Kuroko no Basket Dj; The Blinding Light Will…
– Kuroko no Basket Dj
Author: Ciao!/ Kanan
Language: English

“I wanted to see the world through his eyes. Even if just once. I thought that if I did, the world would look different.” Kuroko and Akashi have been dating secretly. They have been spending their time just the two of them together. But how does Kuroko think about the red-haired man?
Pairing: Akashi x Kuroko

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