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Ore-sama Tengoku! by SAKURAGAWA Sonoko [Eng]

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Manga: Ore-sama Tengoku!; Oresama Tengoku Rojiura no Ningyo
Author: SAKURAGAWA Sonoko
Language: English

Plot: 1-2. The Mermaid of a Back Alley
The club manager, Kagami, saved a pretty guy, Ran, in a middle of a rainy night. Kagami couldn’t stop himself from devouring the beautiful Ran after taking him back. Ran accepted Kagami and also learned whatever Kagami taught him. But where does Ran come from and how is he related to Kagami?

Several oneshots follow.
3. Execute in the Night
4. Assistant Professor Ogura’s Love Lecture
5. Night Joker
6. Small Resistance to a White Robe
7. Small Resistance to a White Robe – Preview

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