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Papa to Kiss in the Dark OVAs 1-2 Online (Eng Subs)

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Anime: Papa to Kiss in the Dark OVAs 1-2 Online; Papa to Kiss in the Dark; Papato: Kiss in the Dark; Papa and Heart: Kiss in the Dark; パパとKISS IN THE DARK
Episodes: 2
Language: Japanese with English Subs

Plot: Munakata Mira is in love with his father, the famous Hollywood actor Munakata Kyousuke. Unknown to the public, both of them are father and son as well as lovers. When Mira turns 15 and enters high school, he faces trouble with his childhood friend falling in love with him. Also, finding out he is adopted only distresses him further. Then there’s the problem of Kyousuke probably marrying a famous actress, whose son seems to have an interest in Mira.

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