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Playboy Amour by FUJISAKI Kou [Eng]

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Manga: Playboy Amour
Author: FUJISAKI Kou
Language: English

Plot: 1-5) Dear Ian, Celebrity Summer, My Boyfriend
Ian Evans is your run-of-the-mill corporate playboy with a new pretty boy in his bed every night. His secretary, Sanada Manabu, manages nearly every aspect of his life, including making sure those pretty boys don’t overstay their welcomes. So what happens when Manabu shows up at his boss’ favorite bar and offers to go home with him?

6) The mark of a Gentleman
Kazuki and Chiharu Continuation

Kemono wa Ai de, Iyasareru. (Prequel)
Oboreru Kemono no Koibito. (Sequel)
Romance no Kaori

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