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Sono Te o Toreba by CHIBA Ryouko [Eng]

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Manga: Sono Te o Toreba; If I Take Your Hand
Author: CHIBA Ryouko
Language: English

Plot: 1-4) If You take the Hand, Within this Hand, & Holding Hands
To make a choice is to take a risk, so Hinata simply coasts. When the older Kasahara pursues him, Hinata allows himself to fall into an awkward friendship. But Kasahara demands more and Hinata’s hand is forced: will he take a risk and face his fears, or will he stay in his comfortable but empty life?

5-7) Indecisive Spring, The Summer of Doubt, & The Love Story of Sakashita and Chief
Kozuki used to risk falling in love, but too much heartache has crushed his belief in “happily ever after,” so he rejects his co-worker Sakashita’s confession. However, Sakashita’s love just won’t fade. Will Kozuki take one more risk for love before it’s too late?

8) Your the Only One I Can See
Yoshiya has bad eyesight so what will happen when his lover Akari breaks his glasses in a fit of rage?

9) Spending Midnight with You
After Soujiro parents had a job transfer he went to live with his older brother Riichi. Soujiro soon discovered that Riichi seemed to have started sleepwalking, but is that the truth?

If I take your hand, what will happen?

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